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METROLIGHT has attained the status of Finalist company in the Award for Business Excellence in Aragon edition 2006 and 2008 given by the Aragon Institute of Development of the Government of Aragon.

cub empresa 400 metrolight 01Business Excellence finalist in 2006 and 2008 Award in Aragón promoting by IAF

The Award for Business Excellence in Aragon, is framed within the IAF Programme, which aims to reward and distinguish both SMEs and large companies for their outstanding performances in the implementation, development and improvement of the integrated management of the organization.

Continue to strive to offer products and services of high quality.


cub empresa 400 metrolight 024 new members of Club COMPANY 400

At the ceremony Award for Business Excellence has recognized the Aragonese companies that have exceeded 400 points in the model EFQM assessment in the last year and become part of the Select Club COMPANY 400. The new COMPANY Club members are:

Cables Communications.
Dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of communications cables, signal and fiber optics. Belongs to Aberdare Cables integrated into the Altron group Group. Develops its whole activity in Zaragoza. Since its founding, operating companies from over 50 countries on five continents have entrusted the manufacture of cables. One of the keys is the ongoing effort in the field of research and development of new products and technologies, consolidating and expanding its presence in the domestic market and abroad.

Metrolight. Created in 2002, is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of luminaires, lighting products and equipment with LED and fiber optic technology.

Multicaja, Caja Rural Aragon and the Pyrenees. Part of Grupo Caja Rural, one of the main operative banking groups currently in Spain, with a large financial and capital strength: 59.000 million euros of assets, equity of 4,800 million euros, an extensive network of offices distributed by whole country - 3,500 branches open to the public - and 13,100 employees.

Remote Services IBD. Company dedicated to providing services and technological developments for remote banking of Ibercaja Group.

Aragon Institute of Development seeks, through the Club COMPANY 400, transmit and promote the use and implementation of tools and excellent management models in order to increase the competitiveness of companies and organizations Aragon.

This idea creates the I.A.F. Company Club 400, and trying to spread the culture of Total Quality between enterprises and organizations of the Autonomous Community of Aragon, thus contributing to their development, competitiveness and prosperity and offering specific training, specialized consulting, and promoting the exchange of experiences and activities.


Recognize companies and organizations Aragonese demonstrate a high level in their business management according to the EFQM model, surpassing the 400 points through an external evaluation as well as promoting the expertise of these companies and best practices to other companies.


  • Deepening the dissemination of the European model providing a motivating the efforts of member organizations.
  • Generate a carryover effect from the Aragonese companies.
  • Distinguish those most advanced organizations in business management through an external recognition.
  • Establish a common learning forum for better understanding and use of the European model (EFQM) and other advanced business management tools.

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