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The LED, which stands for "Light Emitting Diode", is a special type of semiconductor, whose main characteristic is converted into light low voltage electric current running through a chip.

In Metrolight manufacture and distribute eco-efficient products and we aim to reduce the environmental impact

Because the LED technology has advantages over other types of light sources:

Light color and quality

The color emitted by each LED in particular depends mainly on the semiconductor material that has been used in their manufacture.

There are many types of LEDs and many forms of design luminaires.

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Long life and efficiency

LED lighting luminaires, reduce operating costs and provide a better quality of light.

Our lights Led Metrolight help reduce costs with greener alternatives.

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Dynamic & Design

The LED is small and compact.
Advantages: Allows Metrolight be free to design innovative products, to put the light where it is needed and thus not waste or pollute lumínicamente light.

The LED lights up instantly and not damaged by frequent off and on.

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