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iluminacion-perimetral-metrolightThrough the technological research and development of more than three years, has finally managed to manufacture a product that competes directly with neon and performance has exceeded the technical weaknesses of it. We refer to the creation and manufacture of LEDNEON to replace conventional glass neon.

iluminacion-decorativa-perimetral-arquitectonica-metrolightEdge decorative-architectural-lighting Metrolight Led Neon. Comparing it with conventional glass neon, noting among its other advantages, the following: it is easier to cut, can be bent at any angles by hand, installation time is reduced significantly, no heat emission, is resistant to shock and vibration.

LED NEON is a product that looks like a neon tube High Voltage for their visual capabilities, but without the drawbacks of fragility and maintenance.

The NEON LED is a new flexible linear profile equipped with LEDs "high intensity" offering a diffuse visual appearance like neon.

Comparison of savings:

Based on length of 100m, for the Red color. Energy saving is based on cost per kilowatt hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Energy use - traditional glass neon: 8.75W / FT, LEDNEON FLEXIBLE: 2.16W / FT (R, Y, O) or 2.4W / FT (B, G, W).

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