Made to order. Metrolight, form follows function

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lamparas y tiras led metrolightRolls, ribbons, support modules, lamps, bars, ect.

metroled metrolightMETROLED, a new lighting system created primarily for backlighting in advertising projects and signage. With its low power consumption and high performance, METROLED provides a bright, uniform and durable similar to LED TVs.

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tira led metrolightFlexible Rolls High power Led (5 meters)

Version 1 Chip-HGP

Version 3 Chips-ESPX

Also available on request versions with front in black for special applications and with the same lighting performance.

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lampara led metrolightColor Temperature 2700K and 6500K

Instant Start

15,000 hours of life

Same design reflective as Incandesdent lamps.

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