Made to order. Metrolight, form follows function

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Metrolight Stone LightMetrolight Stone Light. The Stone Light product range offers the possibility of decorating and signaling outdoor and indoor areas. They are installed directly in floors or walls, for seamless integration into interior and exterior walls. Available in IP65 and IP68.

Available in two light intensities; standard and high.

catalogo stone light metrolight



Recessed Stone Light Cube
Cube-shaped luminaire mounting in walls.



Cylinder Recessed Stone Light
Cylinder shaped luminaire mounting in walls.



Cube Stone Light surface
Cube-shaped luminaire for surface mounting.



Cylinder Stone Light surface
Cylinder shaped luminaire for surface mounting.



Cube Stone Light on bollard
Cube Luminaire mounted on square bollard.



Cylinder Stone Light on bollard
Cylinder Shaped luminaire mounted on round bollard.



Rectangle Stone Light recessed
Rectangle Luminaire for recessed mounting in walls.



Triangle Stone Light-Empotrable
Triangle Luminaire for recessed mounting in walls.



The new design facilitates the incorporation of logos and pictograms.
A product line with RGB LED at affordable prices and another collection for feeding optical fibers.
Imagine the possibilities when a single illuminator can power up to 100 units.



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