Made to order. Metrolight, form follows function

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Iluminación vial y urbana MetrolightStreet luminaire equipped with high efficiency LED technology. Its thermal and optical design and high quality materials ensure efficiency and unique durability. Its minimalist design optimizes the luminaire materials to achieve the best efficiency ratio and market cost, allowing the client to obtain a rapid return on their investment in energy and maintenance savings.


semaforos led metrolightLow consumption, energy saving, major reliability, Major operational safety, Minimum maintenance, Respect for the environment, Simple parts, Optical Disappearance of "ghost effect" produced by sunlight, Neutral condition when turned off, Unit proof to sunlight contrast, Uniform light signage, Major Road safety, Major Vibration resistance, impact resistance , Fast Recovery investment, Meets international standards and norms.

Solar Streetlight Metrolight

Compact System, Antitheft, Adjustable Solar Panel, Litium Battery, Modular System, Presence Sensor Integrated (10 m), 3 Year warranty.

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Streetlight ML-SL POWER STREET Metrolight


Service areas, parking areas, urban areas, sidewalks, pedestrian zones, squares and parks, shopping and commercial areas.


Krypton LED is a traffic luminaire that has a simple and modern lines design. The luminaire is made of treated aluminum body, with good resistance to corrosion and weather conditions. Electronics are 100% made in Spain and body made of aluminum to ensure the heat dissipation and maximum durability of the components. More Info

Farola Helio metrolight

Street Light incorporating PCB with high efficieny leds. It incorporates high-performance LEDs with asymmetric optical lenses ensure maximum efficiency in delivering the light output. Electronics manufactured in Spain aluminum to ensure proper heat dissipation and maximum durability of the components. Exceeds a lifespan of over 60,000 hours. Available in three color temperatures. Available power: 30w/60w. More Info

panel direccional luminoso metrolightDynamic effect, Vision from long range, high impact resistance, especially Sealed waterproof, dustproof and resistant to high temperatures, the direction of the arrow can be left, right or center towards the edges.

titan tnl METROLIGHTOutdoor Luminaire for urban streets, tunnels.
Multipurpose projector high luminous flux.
Aluminium, surface with ABS anti-static and anti corrosion coating.
Tempered glass cover anti-glare.

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Design that adapts perfectly to different environments, from architectural and street lighting to all kind of facilities.

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