Made to order. Metrolight, form follows function

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panel direccional luminoso metrolightDynamic effect, Vision from long range, high impact resistance, especially Sealed waterproof, dustproof and resistant to high temperatures, the direction of the arrow can be left, right or center towards the edges.


SOLAR PANEL Type Silicio Glass
Maximun power 6W
Maximun Voltage 9 Volts.
Maximun Charge 516mA/h
BATTERY Type Lead High Performance
Maximum Voltage 6 Volts.
Capacity 20 A/h
LEDS Type High intensity 8mms/1500cd
Color Red and Ambar
Number of LEDS 144 LEDS y 54000 mcd per arrow panel
WORKING HOURS 24 Hours (date and night) Secuential Flashing: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4
Number of flashes 60 flashes +/-10%
Manufactured in Aluminium Watertight 1650 x 450 mms
REFLECTIVE High Intensity type 3M  

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