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Trafiic Light Body 200mm

200 mm system for use in the traffic lights including LED lamps that provide high brightness high visibility.

The disappearance of Ghost Effect caused by the incidence of sun light on the glass is achieved. Light body can be supplied with an incandescent lamp, LED system or just the single body.

FEATURES traffic lights body 100mm, 200mm

Material: Polycarbonate.
Colors: Yellow, Gray, Green, Black and combinations thereof.
Reflector: Anodized aluminum.

  • High Impact resistence.
  • Working temperature from -40 ° C to 74° C.
  • Anti-rotating positioning within intermodulation.
  • Easy lamp replacement and axial adjustment of the light source.
  • Excellent dielectric characteristics. Closing pressure 'CUC' with optional coupling screws.
  • Rotationally adjustable visor.



The diode LED is the basic element forming the panels. The type of LED that is used corresponds to a first firm optoelectronics manufacturers.
LED technology is used AlInGaP for red and amber colors and InGaN for the green.
Feeding the diode never exceeds the standard specified in the technical specifications. Supplied by the manufacturers.

The use of LEDs involves a series of advantages over the lamps, such as:
- Lower consumption: Due to the characteristics of LED technology, consumption is reduced by more than 75% over the lamps.
- Increased reliability: The life of the lamps currently used is approximately 20,000 hours of life of the LEDs.

This document contains the technical specification of standard electronic lights for traffic lights.

Cover all the requirements of the European standard (EN 12368). They have an IP Protection degree IP66 and are guaranteed for 5 years to the end user. Compatibility with electronic traffic controllers is guaranteed.

Technical specification

  • Sizes: 200mm and 300mm.
  • Power supply: 80V versions 250V AC, 50Hz and 12V DC.
  • Safety stabilized and protected from UV radiation.
  • Protection against spikes and transients in the power supply.
  • Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +74ºC.
  • With temperature compensation.
  • Protection: IP66.
  • Factor >than 0.9 power.
  • Less than 12W consumption.
    • Red and Amber: 9W to 12W.
    • Green: 10W to 12W.
  • Dominant Wavelength:
    • Red: >-618nm.
    • Amber: 586nm to 596nm.
    • Green: 490nm to 510nm.
  • Number of LEDs lights 200mm:
    • Red: 120.
    • Amber: 120.
    • Green: 120.
  • Number of LEDs lights 300mm:
    • Red: 248.
    • Amber: 248.
    • Green: 128.
  • Loss of brightness due to the failure of a light point: <5%.
  • Warranty: Failure of a point of light: 5 years.

Scheme Trafiic Light Body


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